60 second interview

60 seconds with B-hive Block Management Partners’ Group Director, Chrissy Mouskis.

What do you like most about your job?

I love the variety my job brings and the opportunity to innovate, bring something new to the market, a fresh approach. I enjoy working with other businesses collaboratively, watching our Partners grow in size and knowledge in the Block Management industry with our support in back-office services ensuring compliance and a high standard of customer service in the marketplace. Working with my team also makes coming to work an enjoyable place as we all pay an part in the customer journey. You don’t often get the chance to be bold and transformative in our industry so taking on this new approach has been exciting.

What are you most looking forward to this year or to achieving this year?

The growth of number of Partners partnering with B-hive is our greatest achievement, this year I am looking forward to all Partners utilising all services and benefiting from this, enabling them to focus on their brands and their client base. Hitting over the 50 Partners has been a huge achievement and a great experience working with such an eclectic mix of business with different personalities that all bring their unique wealth of experience and knowledge whether they have a sales & lettings, Block Management or surveying background. It all adds to the network of property knowledge B-hive Partners bring to the property industry.  

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy spending time with my family, my husband and I have 2 girls and we often go out for long walks catching up of the week’s events. I love spending as much time with them trying to be as active as we can, but we absolutely love going to the cinema watching the latest file. I love socialising with friends trying new bars/restaurants and re-charging ready for the week ahead.

What made you pursue this career?

I have always had a love of all things property; however, I fell into this industry as many people do, working my way through various roles learning new aspects on the BM industry as I went along. My property experience spans 18 years and each position held gave me a new angle and viewpoint looking at Block Management wearing different hats. I have used and applied my acquired knowledge in each role allowing me to finally bring all this together in my current position as Group Director. I love working with people and businesses so bringing this together with by BM experience places me in good stead for this role.

What is your favourite thing about B-hive?

I love the fact that B-hive is currently the only provider of back-office solutions to client finance, compliance, marketing, systems, and tech in our industry. With expert support in our multiple divisions, our wealth of experience, we provide the perfect partnership to any entrepreneur looking to set up their own business, existing businesses that wishes to add block management as a new discipline or businesses that simply wish to streamline their back office efficiencies. I truly believe that B-hive is best placed to support what currently is a fragmented market providing local operators with he opportunity to really focus on good customer service. We strive to be the back office to the Block Management industry…

Chrissy Mouskis