Sales and Letting Agents 2

Working in partnership

In what seems to be an ever-changing landscape, we find sales and letting agents inclined to expand their portfolio by adding block and estate management as a property discipline, to essentially serve as a one-stop property shop. We believe the key to this is having a trusted, credible and capable partner, managing the client finances, compliance and essential services. In addition to adding another recurring revenue stream in a resilient market, this model also allows you the opportunity to cross sell your other existing services to a wider customer base.

Designed to help maximise your efficiencies, B-hive will support you with compliance and the necessary back-office solutions, such as client finance service charge accounting, marketing, software and training, so that you have more time to focus on building long term client relationships. Our service provision is facilitated behind the scenes, so that you can continue to employ your brand, which remains at the forefront across all client-facing communications.