“Over one full year of the block management partnership and having taken this part of the business from a loss making drain on resources to one which I am now proud of and have a greater understanding of the complexities. I want to reflect on the last 6 months since the acquisition of SDL Property Partners by HML. HML made a point of contacting me at the time of the acquisition, and it was explained that the whole proposition would be stripped back, prior to the rollout of the new offering. I can safely say and have quoted the same to the management team at Northwood that the two offerings are worlds apart, like chalk and cheese, and that for me I only wish that this had been the original offering. In the last 3 months I have added a further 60 units, which is a 50% increase to the portfolio and have several more at various stages of the tender process.”

“It is my pleasure to provide my view on the training and ongoing support from the B-hive team. I initially approached the training with some trepidation, particularly as it was to be delivered online. However I have just completed module 2 and have found this to be all encompassing but presented in a very clear way which made absorbing the detail easier. There was an awful lot to take on board but it was delivered very succinctly! I have already been reassured by experiencing the quality of the follow up contact and assistance that the “ongoing” aspect of training and support is both there and is required! The variety of topics covered is one aspect I enjoyed and found enlightening. The way the sessions are run is also commendable; they are interactive with a number of presenters in each session which keeps it fresh and questions are always welcome. The planning and forethought shines through. Mark who oversees it does a tremendous job. I cannot wait for the next part of the journey to becoming a fully-fledged exponent of Block Management.”

“I have now had the pleasure of being in partnership with B-hive Property Solutions, part of the HML Group, for 5 months now. I must say how impressed I have been with the smooth transition from SDL Property Management to B-hive/The HML Group, in particular the onboarding of our business, the support, training modules and the online training sessions have been most welcomed and informative, building my own confidence in an area that I had little experience in. The accounts department led by Vicky Hough and her team have been absolutely fantastic, assisting us through the transition period with regular meetings and updates and always willing to be so helpful and friendly – no query is an issue for the team who always deal with this promptly. I look forward to continuing to develop a great working partnership with the team of B-hive Property Solutions/The HML Group and growing my block business to compliment my estate agency in my local market.”

“Northwood provide our landlords and tenants with a vast scope of services, which include Guaranteed Rent, mortgage advice, conveyancing, insurance services, property maintenance and assistance when moving home. Having regularly received complaints from our landlords and tenants regarding the poor service from their block management provider, we are excited to round off the entire service with support from B-hive. Northwood can now truly provide an all-inclusive service for our landlords’ and tenants’ housing needs.”

“We in Northwood Leicester feel that there’s a natural fit between our relentless focus on tight administration with high compliance standards, and the superb block management package offered by B-hive. We’re genuinely impressed by the system on offer, the well thought-out digital tools, and the training to make it effective in our hands. We can’t wait to start making a difference for clients in Leicester.”

“On behalf of myself and others at CLC, I would like to thank you for your assistance over the past year, it has been so refreshing to have the support and commitment we were always promised!”

“I’ve only been working with B-hive for a few weeks now, but my first impressions have been of B-hive’s can-do attitude. They are well resourced, which more than compensates for some of their emerging processes, and they are fully focused on my success. Even though B-hive is still a relatively new operation, with over 20 partners operating nationally, the experience and resource within its business is able to support our needs and lets us thrive.”

“I must say everyone I have come in contact with at B-hive has been great, top team!”

“I have been running my block management business for about 4 years, the last 12 months in partnership with B-hive. During this period, I have felt fully supported which has allowed me to get on with the day to day running of my business. The assistance, guidance and training has proved to be invaluable.”

“For me it’s another string to our bow to becoming a truly one stop shop.”