Welcome to B-hive Block Management Partners

B-hive Block Management Partners is a fresh and transformative approach to estate and block management.

We empower businesses to add block management to their property services offering.

B-hive is designed to serve an array of property professionals. This includes existing Property Managers who would like to work freely and independently running their own business, Sales and Letting agents hoping to expand by adding block and estate management as a property discipline to their portfolio or Surveyors hoping to add block management to their practice.

We believe the future of Block Management lies in partnerships, with B-hive as the trusted, credible and capable partner behind the scenes, managing the complexity that exists on your behalf.

How it works

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Our Solutions

We provide the necessary back-office solutions to client finance service charge accounting, compliance, essential services, systems, software, a client portal and comprehensive training to enable you to perform the role of Block Manager compliantly and efficiently.

In addition, B-hive Block Management Partners provide opportunities to existing block management companies with outsourcing client finance service charge accounting, joint ventures, partnerships or exit and retirement routes.