Director for Block Management Partners
B-hive Block Management Partners

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, I am responsible for the B-hive Block Management Partners division of the Vegner Group, creating a network of independent block management partners, working in partnership with B-hive Block Management Partners.

B-hive Block Management Partners brings a fresh and transformative approach to estate and block management, enabling businesses to either add block management services to their current offering or empowering Property Managers to independently run their own business.

Our proposition should bring another avenue for managing agents to operate safely and compliantly with B-hive Block Management Partners in their corner, allowing them the flexibility to focus on good customer service and business growth.

National Business Development Manager
B-hive Block Management Partners

Having worked in the property sector since 2001, in 2010 I decided to set up my own block management company in Bristol. We grew a reputation for having a communicative and transparent style, enabling us to attract some of Bristol’s most prominent blocks. The Vegner Group purchased the company in 2016 and since then I have worked within the Group in various roles.

As part of the B-hive Block Management Partners team I am mostly focussed on continuing to grow and establish our partner network. Whether they are seasoned operators setting up a business, or qualified professionals such as sales and letting agents who are seeking to add block management to their portfolio, we look forward to maintaining the rapid growth we have seen since the launch of our partnership proposition.

Head of Key Accounts
B-hive Block Management Partners

I have been involved in leasehold management for circa 30 years which includes owning and running a successful business that was sold to HML in 2014. Whilst not actively looking to sell, the rationale and benefits of a sale in an industry where compliance and legislation changes meant that the ability to concentrate on core activities had become more challenging was attractive.

Since 2014 I have worked in business development and most recently in the Partners’ team where the possibility to help and empower individuals or companies to set up or expand their operations is extremely fulfilling.

loyda winning

Head of Partner Relationship Team
B-hive Block Management Partners

My role as Head of Partner Relationship Team involves overseeing and orchestrating all elements to ensure a smooth and seamless setup of our partner’s block management companies.

It is my commitment to ensure that all our jointly managed sites are fully compliant with the ever-evolving legislation and industry standards and that the partners thrive and grow their block management businesses.

I believe in impeccable customer service and strong communication and lead the team to provide both to our partners and clients.

Partner Relationship Manager
B-hive Block Management Partners

I have worked within the industry for almost a decade, having joined the team in January 2023 as a Partner Relationship Manager at B-hive Block Management Partners. My passion lies in building robust relationships, backed by meticulous service and strategic thinking, which have become the hallmarks of my approach. My capacity for effective communication, coupled with an innate ability to nurture mutual growth, forms the essence of my professional reputation.

My mission at B-hive Block Management Partners is to facilitate seamless collaborations and foster lasting relationships within our network, striving to create an environment of trust and mutual success.

Joseph Roobottom

Partner Relationship Manager
B-hive Block Management Partners

My journey started in 2013 where I started my career as a Property Management Assistant. I progressed through the ranks at HML whilst assisting with the handover and acquisition of the Keston office, becoming a Partner Relationship Manager for B-hive Block Management Partners in November 2023. Having been a Property Manager for such a long time, I have built up an encyclopaedic knowledge of the industry and its complexities.

My mission is to ensure that our partners are provided with the best level of service so that they can grow their business and service their existing customers.

Thomas Booty

Partner Relationship Manager
B-hive Block Management Partners

I have almost 10 years’ experience working in the sector, having joined the Vegner Group in 2014. Since then, I have undertaken the role of property manager and eventually progressed to become a senior property manager.

I have built up extensive knowledge across different areas of the business, particularly with B-hive Property Solutions, who power our Partners with their back-office services. This stems from having previously worked in different departments for B-hive Property Solutions. Having formed close working relationships with the team and a strong understanding of the operations, plays an important part in my role as a Partner Relationship Manager which is to ultimately provide the best possible service and support to our Partners.

Business Growth Manager
B-hive Block Management Partners

My role within B-hive Block Management Partners is to work with and support partners in growing their block management business, having worked in property management for over 15 years, 8 of those doing business development. I have several tips and tricks to share with partners to help find the right new business for them.

I have created our tool kit for partners, which is full of useful documents and templates to support new business enquiries and setting growth strategies. I really enjoy this role, supporting our partners grow their business and confidence.

Adam Davies

Operations Manager
B-hive Block Management Partners

I have worked within the property sector for circa 10 years, undertaking various property management roles, working for developers, high street agents, as well as for HML. I worked in close collaboration with B-hive Block Management Partners last year before officially joining the team as the Operations Manager in February 2024.

My responsibilities as the Operations Manager include improving efficiencies for partners during their life-cycle with B-hive Block Management Partners, while ensuring compliance and providing support to help increase their revenues. Additionally, I work on maintaining adherence to our internal processes and procedures and applying improvements where necessary.

I have a strong work ethic, enjoy building professional relationships and relish seeing a plan come together that creates positive results.

Director of Health and Safety
B-hive Property Solutions

As the Director of Health and Safety, I am responsible for determining and implementing the health and safety strategy for the Group. Having been with Vegner for 7 years and involved with health and safety in the residential block industry for a decade now, my knowledge and experience with health and safety will help to drive compliance.

I am passionate about Health and Safety and aim to ensure the Group is at the forefront of safety management in the sector.

Director of Client Finance
B-hive Property Solutions

I have over 20 years’ experience in the property finance industry. I have been with the Vegner Group for over 15 years and have gained an extensive knowledge of leasehold accounting legislation and industry best practice.

I am responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of the B-hive Property Solutions Client Finance division. Ensuring we are compliant at all times is pivotal within our operations, and giving peace of mind to all our clients is at the forefront of what we do.

richard staples

Head of Conveyancing and Company Secretarial Services
B-hive Site Staff Solutions

Over the last 10 years, I have focused my efforts on devising productive strategies to manage call centre operations and delivering top-notch customer service. Working in fast-paced environments is something I enjoy and thrive in. Since joining B-hive Property Solutions, my role involves developing and expanding the CoSec team, while driving process efficiencies and ultimately customer satisfaction.

My focus for the Conveyancing, Company Secretarial & Legal teams is to continue creating an efficient, agile, people focused, client centric operation, to deliver talked about property services. I am proud to be part of the B-hive Property Solutions team, working together to deliver a unique and successful proposition in the market.

Director of B hive Site Staff Solutions
B-hive Site Staff Solutions

I have worked within the Vegner Group for 17 years, starting as a Property Manager and then in 2012 moving across to manage some of the back-office functions including Company Secretary, Section 20 and Health & Safety. I was appointed as Director of HML Concierge Services Ltd in 2019 having experienced managing properties with site staff when I was myself a Property Manager. I therefore have a good understanding of the importance of having hard working and loyal employees at our developments and the ability to provide additional support to our Property Managers.

I am very excited to grow this service provision and adapt alongside the changes across the whole Group with the rebranding of HML Concierge to B-hive Site Staff Solutions, allowing us to offer our services to partners.

Lauren Pfeiffer

Head of Group Training
Vegner Group

My journey began 12 years ago with the Vegner Group where I joined as a Property Management Assistant and slowly progressed over the years into a Senior Property Manager position, managing a diverse and complex portfolio of RMC clients. Over the years of working in property management, I developed a strong passion for training, systems and software platforms that aid property managers with the every day running of developments and ultimately this drove me into my current role as Head of Group Training for the Vegner Group.

I am responsible for providing training to all areas of the business to ensure we are empowering people with the knowledge they need and the right software tools to make their journey in property management that little bit easier. My area of expertise specifically touches on leasehold management and systems training.

natasha sumboo

Head of Marketing
Vegner Group

With over 12 years’ experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, I am a seasoned professional with a diverse skill set, specialising in comprehensive marketing strategies.

With a strong emphasis on digital techniques, I am responsible for developing integrated marketing campaigns that seamlessly blend online and offline channels. I take full ownership of the marketing strategy for the Group, leveraging expertise to create multi-channel campaigns that maximise effectiveness. I have a passion for innovative marketing solutions and a keen eye for detail in driving marketing success.


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