We empower individuals that want to set up their own block management businesses, in their own personal brand and in their own locality.

We are the trusted, credible and capable partner behind the scenes, managing the complexity that exists on your behalf, leaving you to nurture client relationships and seek new opportunities.

Why choose B-hive as your block and estate management partner?


Download our service brochure here, for more information about B-hive Block Management Partners.

Setting up and running your own block management business has never been so easy.  


  • Create the lifestyle you want
  • Work freely and independently
  • Enjoy autonomy and flexible working
  • Take charge of your career path in block management
  • Trade under your brand, as the front-line face of your local business
  • Focus solely on the day-to-day property management and building client relationships
  • It is your business, reap the rewards of your hard work


“B-hive allows the local entrepreneur to thrive and to promote their own local brand whilst the corporate machinery takes care of the regulatory challenges. Legal reform coupled with added regulatory compliance makes it difficult for small operators to tick all the boxes. B-hive brings to the market an exciting opportunity, bringing small together with big and a future proof solution for Partners. It’s the perfect partnership for the future leasehold market.”

Alec Guthrie – CEO of Vegner Group

“I have been approached countless times in the last 20 years to consider starting my own managing agent and have finally decided to take the plunge. I know I will have the backup I need from B-hive to deliver the engaged, collaborative, management service that I believe in. I can’t wait to get started.”

Sam Massey – SAMAS / Director of The Property Institute

“Having only really started trading in the early summer of 2022, I have already managed to take on 13 blocks with the assistance and support of my block management partner, B-hive. I have others in the pipeline, so it has been an extremely encouraging start.”

Emma Bonham-Grant – Domain Property Management

“I have been running my block management business for about 4 years, the last 12 months in partnership with B-hive. During this period, I have felt fully supported which has allowed me to get on with the day to day running of my business. The assistance, guidance and training has proved to be invaluable.”

Andrew Wheeler – APW Leasehold Management

“As a block manager with over 16 years experience I had many times been asked by clients why I had not set up on my own. Whilst this was always a life goal I had always felt that setting up on my own was something that was simply not possible. I would lose the support available to me as an employee, such as the in-house accountancy team, senior colleagues’ advice, experience and support and the knowledge that the company I work for would provide top down support and guidance on the compliance and legislative factors that form such an integral part of day to day property management. It was only when the opportunity to partner with B-hive who could help me fill in these gaps that I was able to turn my ambition into a reality. I have the support of an extremely knowledgeable “back-office” team, if it be a question on the latest Fire Safety Act, how to enforce a specific term in a lease or organising fire door safety checks, building re-instatement valuation or insurance, I know that there is always someone at B-hive who is there to help. I am able to offer my clients a local dedicated and highly personal service and knowing that I have the support of B-hive gives me re-assurance that I can provide my clients with market leading support, advice and services. This certainty allows me to present my company to potential clients openly, clearly and confidently. I am delighted that over the past 12 months the number of units under my management has doubled.”

Tom Lean – Pure Leasehold Management